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Who We Are and What We Do

Paving the Road Towards a Better Future

Native American Health Center, Inc. (NAHC) is proud to announce the Seven Generations Scholarship Fund. This scholarship fund was created to provide financial assistance for Native American/Alaska Native students residing in Alameda, San Francisco and Contra Costa counties. The Seven Generations Scholarship is an investment in the health and education of our future generations.

Access to good education is a crucial social determinant of health.  According to the American Indian Scholarship Fund, in 2016, 13% of Native Americans in the U.S. had a college degree.  Per the Centers for Disease Control, “American Indian communities face many health challenges including higher mortality rates from tuberculosis, chronic liver disease and cirrhosis, accidents, diabetes, pneumonia, suicide, and homicide compared with other racial and ethnic groups.”  NAHC recognizes the intersection between good health and education.  The 7 Generations Scholarship aims to move the needle in a positive direction by supporting the students in our community with financial assistance while they are in college or an accredited, non-profit vocational program. 
Part of the beauty of working at NAHC is that students we have supported in the past through our programs have returned to their community to be of service. Community centeredness has stayed as a cornerstone of this diverse and resilient community.  The 7 Generations scholarship fund seeks to support our youth in making their educational goals a reality.

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